Insole technology

To offer just the right insole for each type of foot a range of different technologies is necessary. Especially in recent times major technological changes have occurred from which customers benefit.

An especially important component of each insole is its basis which is the key to the success of perfectly fitting insoles. The bases of the different insoles differ from foot type to foot type. For the new carbon and fiber TEC models thermally ductile models are used which can be adapted to the form of every foot.

Insoles should also act as shock-absorbers and compensate the strains put on the feet. For this effect insoles by Boot Doc have polymeric absorbing elements at the major shock zones on the heel and on the ball. These elements guarantee the absorption of shocks when the foot touches the ground in a dynamic rolling motion and they protect the musculoskeletal system against overstraining. The absorbing layer on the top of the entire insole decisively enhances both the wearing comfort and the functionality of the insoles by Boot Doc. For this layer exclusively elastic, shock-absorbing, and thermally ductile materials are used which can perfectly be adjusted to the individual shapes of feet. With such materials pressure peaks underneath the sole of the foot can be avoided, especially since the pressure is distributed equably.

In contrast to the shock absorbing layer of the insole itself, its cover always consists of innovative breathable fabrics that protect this layer. The breathability and the ability to drain humidity make for a very comfortable climate which also increases the wearing comfort of shoes. Additionally, the insoles are available as summer and winter products with heating elements, with both models of the various insoles being perforated in the font part to ensure the breathability and a comfortable climate for the feet. What should also be mentioned are the special YCT energy elements which lightly stimulate the reflex zones of the foot and thus have a positive effect on the entire body.

All in all, the special technology by Boot Doc is responsible for the many positive assets of the insoles. Compared to other insoles, the insoles by Boot Doc contribute to a better body climate and energy balance with the consequence that one’s feet are always warm. The stimulation of the reflex zones strengthens the immune system among other effects that hardly any other insoles have. The stamina can likewise be increased since insoles by Boot Doc retard the exhaustion of the musculature and thus reaching the anaerobic zone. That way also the power of concentration can be improved which can also help when practicing one’s favorite activities or sports since the risk of injury considerably decreases. The state of the art technology used by Boot Doc for manufacturing its insoles is also accountable for making the insoles by Boot Doc stand out from other more conventional insoles.