Foot Types

Hallux Valgus / Bunion

Low arch / Flat foot

Knowing your foot type is one of the keys

Low arch / Flat foot

Low arch or flat feet (Overpronation). These are very common problems and often require support and weight redistribution. This situation is also the main source for ancle, knee, hip problems. This can also have an alignment effect all the way up to the jaw! The main reason is weak muscles, tendons and improper walking technic, also bad shoes with no support.

Normal / Medium arch

These feet are less likely than others to have common foot problems such as metatarsalgia or heel spurs, but thousands of people with normal or medium arches still suffer from foot pain. The main source is improper shoes.

High arch

High arch feet (Pes Cavus) (Supination) are characterized by an elevated arch (or shortened muscles and ligements). This causes the toes to cramp, also the distance between the heel and outer and inner balls joints to become shorter. This is the main source of heal problems, wider forefeet, crampted toes, shortened tendons, and achillies problems. The main reason is because of a very forefoot orientated walking and running movements, also our technic and/or training.