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Bob Bonkowski - Foot expert

Bob Bonkowski

Bob Bonkowski has over 25 years International experience in the Sport Shoe Industrie. He is also Europes most respected running shoe and ski boot fitter. He was also a member of the Canadian Ski Team, and was also a part of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Bob Bonkowski was also sponsored over a 17 year era by many of the most respected sport companies in the world. Through the years of experience with protype products and testing, he learned how to maximize, or tune, shoes, insoles, and the body, to achieve the ultimate performance and comfort. By testing prototypes with the body together he also learned the maximum endurace, technique, performance and limits. He also learned what shoes are made for someone, and not the others. Which shoe fits, and which ones don’t!!!. The source of many health problems!!!.

His office in the Private Praxis-See-Arkaden will be open on the 3rd. of March 2009. Here he will try to help people and athletes around the world. See you there!

Salt Lake City 2002

Office hours:
Mo - Fr  8:00 am
till 18:00 pm

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The office is in the Praxis-See-Arkaden, and you will find us on the 4th floor.


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